Kinder -Jazz

This is a 30min class open to children aged

3 - 5years. It includeds the foundations for both ballet & tap, along with some singing, acting & mime which helps to build confidence the of every child

8’s, 12’s, & 15’s

From this age classes are split into two classes,  Lyrical/Contemporary & Jazz, then seperate class for Tap. Whilst you can choose which lesson you wish to attend there is a discount if you choose to do all your age group classes.

Intermediate 1’s/18’s

As your child grows so does the level of dancing.  Inter 1’s(18’s) class is a bit more serious but we still manage to have some fun.  By this stage the development of some good little dancers is evident.

Intermediate 2’s / 22’s

Although many of the students have been a Ratbag for sometime by now, they are always pleased to see a new face.  Its in this class where the girls really step it up. Classes are varied and everyone is welcome whether you are a beginner or an accomplished dancer just looking for a bit of social activity.

Dance Wear

Students are encouraged to wear suitable dance wear to class every week. This consists of dance pants/ jazz pants / black leggings & leotard.  Hair is to be pulled back neat and tidy.

Dance shoes may be purchased through the school with 2nd shoes available.

Fees are due at the commencement of each new term. Payments are to be made by the term unless arranged otherwise.

Invoices for each term are issued in the last weeks of the previous term.

Direct transfer and credit card facilities are now available.

  1. P. 0423 801 955

  1. E. ratbags@me.com